Chong Kwan Dental Centre works both privately and with the NHS. If you choose to go private with our Practice we operate two schemes to aid with these payments. Patients can either opt to "pay as you go" or can join the 'Fife Dental Care' subscription plan.
NHS Fee List 

Exam                                                                                                                     Free


Hygienist Visit                                                                                               £10.20 to £22.25


Amalgam (silver) filling                                                                              £6.92   to £17.76


Composite (tooth-coloured) filling (Anterior teeth only)                       £13.04 to £27.16                                                                

Root canal (inc 2 x-rays)                                                                            £41.80 to £82.60


Gold Inlays                                                                                                   £60.20 to £106.60


PMA/Porcelain Bonded Crowns                                                              £108.68


Bridges                                                                                                          £91.60


Veneers                                                                                                        £88.76
Full Acrylic Dentures (upper and lower, inc. special trays)                 £154.28
Full Metal Dentures (upper and lower, inc. special trays)                   £137.64


Extraction                                                                                                      £11.56


Surgical procedures                                                                                £22.96 to £49.20


Usually only available privately:


Gold Crowns

Tooth coloured inlays

Tooth coloured fillings on back teeth

If you choose to pay as you go...

Private Fee Guide


Consultation new patient(including x-rays)     £75.00

Regular Examination                                             £37.50


Oral Hygiene visit                                                  £35.00

Fillings Amalgam                                        From £50.00

Fillings Composite                                      From £90.00

Root Canal Treatment                                From £225.00

Crowns                                                          From £395.00

Bridges                                                          From £275

Veneers                                                         From £235

Dentures                                                       From £355 single set

Oral Surgery

Extraction                                                     From £50

Surgical Procedures                                   From £125

Bleaching                                                     £200

Please note failed appointments and late cancellations are charged at £60/hour 

If you choose to join Fife Dental Care...

Maintenance Plan £12.08 per month

This includes:
2 Examinations per year
2 Hygienist visits per year
Any x-rays required as part of the examination or ongoing care process

Full Care Plan Prices from £10.40 per month

When dentally fit a free assessment is carried out in which your oral health is placed in a "band" to allow the dentist to determine your monthly payment. This is based on the condition of your teeth and gums.

The contract will then entitle you to normal routine treatment as well as the important benefits of preventive care.